The social page monetizer

Convert any social pages into a ready to sell organic advertising inventory.

Monetize organic posts diffusion

FameUS is the first influence marketing solution designed exclusively for advertising agencies.

FameUS converts any social pages’ post formats into a new potential revenue stream by predicting their future performances. It means agencies, marketers and publishers can sell content diffusion on a CPM basis across their own or external social pages without boosting publications.


Owned & Earned network monetization

Ensure performances without paid advertising

Build or manage your own social pages portfolio by connecting or inviting publishers to connect the pages you want to monetize. Follow their activity at a page level but also the performances of any post format so that you identify in seconds which ones have the best performance to reach your customer’s goal.


A disruptive technology for profitable content diffusion

Better content distribution with guaranteed organic performances

The Fameus algorithm combines the exact prediction of organic performance with the most democratised ad buying model (CPM*). FameUS allows you to face with the biggest challenge on this market: being able to sell influence using the right post formats charged at the right price.


Boost your agency into a new era of marketing

Offer the same level of social performances to your customers without buying paid advertising

Increase your profit margin while still assisting your customers on the new digital practices. Give your customers a specific, available and captive audience.


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