Network Management

Build your network

Manage or build your own publishers network by allowing them to connect all their social media channels. Get instant insights from the private API at a page level but also at each post format level.

Monitor their activity

Keep track of their page performances, their audiences, and any of their post formats, in real-time. It allows you to identify how to diffuse content based on impressions or engagement performances.

Prediction & Pricing

Value their inventories

Discover the list of each post format & their indicative CPM based on guaranteed performances. Thanks to FameUS, publishers content production and publication activity are being really valorized on all social networks. They can work closely with agencies without being trapped among thousand of others influencers.

Sell organic content like a display ad

Sell organic content on a CPM basis to your customers, based on guaranteed display and conversion performance.

Content types & broadcast channels

100% of available post formats

Sampling, link, event, photo, video, status, carousel, photo & video stories, bio link, banner.

Simple Drag & Drop

Find all your inventories and drag & drop post formats directly in the Campaign Manager.

Reach all kinds of audiences organically

Campaign manager

Interactive media planning

Create campaigns, define every operational aspect of your campaigns to meet your customer’ objectives (editorial & graphic assets, date,...), simply drag & drop the perfect post formats to assign to your publishers and define the platforms of diffusion. You can inform your publishers of all the elements needed for the campaign.

Suggest the media plan to your publishers and your customer in one click

Once each format has been positioned in the media plan, the involved influencers receive their allocated tasks and can accept it. You can see the overall campaign’s performances, assign a specific CPM on each format and then sell it directly to your customer.

Preview and content validation

Validate before launching the campaign

Choose whether or not to activate the content validation. It mean that when your publishers created content that requires your approval, they have to upload it to FameUS so you can validate it. You can also validate with your customers, to always guarantee effective campaigns.

Once everyone validates, the campaign is launched!

Deep monitoring & reporting

Real-time monitoring has never been easier

Share your campaigns with your customers for total transparency.

  • > 1 specific link per campaign for your customer

Your white label reporting

Send them a comprehensive multi-channel report that allows them to follow the campaign and its performance in real time, in the colors of your agency.

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