Start selling influence

With FameUS, you can create a set of captive audiences that you can sell directly to your customers, allowing you to monetize on your audiences.
Your customers buy an influence campaign as simply as a display campaign.

Ensure display and engagement performances to your customers

The FameUS algorithm analyzes your publishers' channels by isolating each of the channels & post formats you can sell to predict their future organic performances in real-time.

Sell influencer campaigns directly to your customer instead of buying it for them

Add a new activity to your offer. Sell influence marketing through organic content on a CPM basis without using external Influencer Marketing platforms. Our predictive technology allows you to sell campaigns, on 97% guaranteed performances.

A predictive analytics tool

The data points generated by all campaigns created on FameUS will enrich our AI layer, which will soon be able to automatically recommend the most suitable campaign templates to use according to your customers and their target audiences.

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